Thinking how to highlight your business? – An E-Brochure may be the key. Your client can flip through your E-Brochure, view your products and services online. E-Brochures can be used for the following purposes:

  • For Product catalogues
  • For Portfolio
  • For Business Promotional Newsletter
  • For Marketing Newsletter
  • For Instruction Manuals
  • For Photo Albums

We can help you in designing and developing an E-brochure which is a powerful sales tool that will command attention in today’s media-driven world. It should be interactive in nature, including animation and motion graphics. Its advantages include:

  • Affordable compared to a normal brochure which turns out to be very expensive due to high cost of printing.
  • Easy to share and store (Make copies and distribute).
  • Easy to modify and update.
  • Easy and convenient to distribute (On a CD or by e-mail or can be displayed on your website as an .html page)


What you get:-

A single webpage with the complete details about your business and how to contact you- essential details with no extra fuss. The domain name for your business will look like as follows,
Example: www.yourbusinessname.ukonclick.co.uk
You can select from one of 3 predefined templates for your page.

How to place an order