About Us

Ukonclick.com is a company specialised in custom software development, web designing, internet applications, graphic designing and consulting services. The company has potential and experience in development of complex solutions for its customers.

Top Architects & Programmers

We are very meticulous in selecting programmers, architects, and consultants. Our programmers are the highest calibre engineers, well-versed in the latest tools and technologies available in the market. We know the best practices, coding, and development standards to follow to provide reliable software solutions for our customers.

UK Management

Ukonclick.com is managed by business and software experts in the United Kingdom with a dedicated offshore development team. Our client interactions are handled by our UK-based team to avoid any language, time, and cultural issues that can develop when working directly with an offshore company.

UK Experienced Offshore Programmers

Our senior offshore developers have extensive experience in providing onsite consulting services to various UK corporations. This helps us deliver innovative solutions through a deep understanding of business needs. Our programmers can understand the client’s expectations and requirements and know how to produce a solution that is right for them.

Affordable Prices

Our rates are very competitive on the market. Many companies offer cheaper services, but there can be a compromise on quality. Others offer better quality, but overcharge. We are proud to offer quality and affordability.

What you get:-

A single webpage with the complete details about your business and how to contact you- essential details with no extra fuss. The domain name for your business will look like as follows,
Example: www.yourbusinessname.ukonclick.co.uk
You can select from one of 3 predefined templates for your page.

How to place an order